The Antarctic Express

A taste of Antarctica and an easy add on to a trip to Patagonia

Chinstrap penguin and chick
Sunset skies in Antarctica
Seal pup playing
6 days

Sail South, Fly North An itinerary that is suited to those who are most pushed for time and who are looking to get a taste for this southernmost region in the world without venturing right down to the Peninsula. All of the modern and comfortable ships that offer this itinerary, The Ocean Nova, the luxurious Hebridean Sky and the sleek Sea Adventurer are equipped with a fleet of zodiacs and an onboard expedition team meaning passengers will get the chance to explore onshore and will be engaged and informed throughout their trip. Still offering plenty of opportunities to spot sea life and birdlife, this cruise is definitely worth considering.



Once aboard the Ocean Nova or Sea Explorer, you will sail along the Beagle Channel towards Puerto Williams, Chile, the southernmost town in the world. Have the chance to explore your surroundings before setting sail to Cape Horn.


Cape Horn

Awaken in full view of the famous Cape Horn, having crossed the Nassau Bay overnight. Weather conditions permitting, step aboard a zodiac to visit this little island. Back on board, set sail towards Antarctica and cross the Drake Passage, arguably one of the world's most famous stretches of water where the oceans of the south converge to force their way between the continents of Antarctica and South America!


Drake Passage

Sail South to King George Island across the Drake Passage, with a series of engaging and informative lectures and presentations about the Antarctic region and what to expect when you arrive. With the help of expert guides you will have the chance to spot albatrosses and petrels flying overhead or whales surfacing in the water, either from the comfort of the glass-enclosed lounge or from the outside decks.


South Shetland Islands

Take in the great change in your surroundings as you cross the Antarctic Convergence, looking out for icebergs and your first sight of Antarctic land. Sail through ice-filled bays around the South Shetland Islands, accompanied by seabirds, penguins, seals and whales. Taking advantage of the long hours of daylight during the Antarctica summer, make the most of opportunities to explore the area, taking a zodiac to shore to visit a penguin colony.

This day is your main opportunity to see the wildlife and absorb the essence of this stark and beautiful region. With there being no difference between night and day the activities and exploration will continue well into the evening.


King George Island and home

Disembark at Fildes Bay on King George Island, home to the Chilean Research Base Frei and the Russian Base Bellingshausen and explore the area. Take the flight back to Punta Arenas, Chile, transferring to your hotel upon arrival (B&B).


Punta Arenas

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your onward flight.

Please note that we have priced this itinerary based on travelling on the Ocean Nova cruise boat. For the prices and dates for all the boats that cover this itinerary please see the yearly schedule section.

Departures Schedule: 

Ship Departure Schedules for the The Antarctic Express itinerary:

Ship Start/End Nights Activs. Price From
Ocean Nova Ush/Pa 5 $2,995pp
Hebridean Sky Pa/Pa 5 $3,295pp
Ocean Nova Ush/Pa 5 $2,995pp
Hebridean Sky Ush/Ush 10 Ca, K $8,995pp
Hebridean Sky Ush/Ush 10 Ca, K $8,995pp
Hebridean Sky Pa/Pa 5 $3,295pp
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