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John, Chris and Katy's Holiday to Chile in search of Penguins and Pumas

John first got in touch with us in March 2015 asking for help with putting together a trip to Chile over Easter 2016, to go in search of Pumas and Humboldt Penguins. Their itinerary took them to the very south of Chile; the Torres del Paine National Park, Chiloé Island and Valparaíso where they took a pelagic birding trip to the Humboldt Current. John has very kindly agreed to let us share some his photos on our website and Facebook page. Please note that these photos appear courtesy of John and are subject to normal copy write restrictions.

Nordenskjold Lookout Torres del Paine
Torres at Dawn
Andean Condor - Torres del Paine
Long-tailed Meadowlarks Torres del Paine
Guanaco - Torres del Paine
Puma spotting - Torres del Paine
Puma - Torres del Paine
Humboldt Penguins - Valparaiso
Black Skimmer - Valparaíso
Peruvian Pelican - Valparaíso